Bikini The Sexiest Swimwear Ever


As summer comes, women who are fond of beach activities such as swimming and bathing are ceaselessly looking for sexy swimwear that can make them look sexy and beautiful like never before. Practitioners in fashion industry such as fashion designer believe that there is no other swimwear sexier than bikinis for women. I too believe this to be true. I can not imagine how the famous beaches like Malibu beach or Porto de Galinhas will looks if bikinis were not invented. Anyways, I would say that women of today are lucky as they have this easy option to look the way they want to while swimming or doing other water and beach activities.

As part of a fashion trend, styles and designs of bikini ever-changing because there are so many designers and several new are being added to the world of fashion each year. Maybe you've found some of bikinis which may not look very stylish and fashionable if you wear them today, as they are quite out of fashion but there are also some of these which are highly in trend today and they do not only help you look fashionable but also sexy. Nevertheless, there are also such types of this swimwear that stay in fashion forever. Some of them are from the past which revisit us in newer forms.

A bikini is commonly known as a two piece swimsuit; this two piece suit includes the upper wear, which is shaped more of less like a bra and the lower wear which is like a panty. Available in different styles and designs, you can find them in styles that include shoulder straps, a single strap to wear on the neck, strapless, knot at the front, knot or buckle at the back and many more.

Today, bikinis are available in a large variety of colors and prints. You can either go for solid colors such as blue, purple or green or for prints of various types. Polka Dot Bikini is the most popular example of a printed bikini. It has been in fashion since the 1960's, when bikinis first came into being. This print still looks fresh and stylish. It is thought to be a print, which gives ladies the sexiest look.


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